Rick Jennings

Track G: Decarbonization
Wed/PM 3:30 PM - 4:00 PM
Data Product Manager
United States
EV Charging Load Management within the Built Environment

Society is on a mission to drastically reduce Greenhouse Gas emissions by electrifying transportation. To make this happen electrical infrastructure is required, which will often come from a building’s existing electrical system or an upgrade to one. Certainly, there can be advantages to this approach. However, it is important to carefully integrate EV charging loads within the built environment to avoid unforeseen issues.

In this technical presentation we will review potential benefits of using a building’s electrical system to charge electric vehicles and the key role that advanced supervisory control and IoT technologies play in achieving this goal. We will review strategies for EV charging load management within the built environment and their impact to the EV driver and building tenant experience.

Rick Jennings, PE, is a Data Product Manager at SkyFoundry and has 10+ years of experience involving nuclear propulsion systems, railway electric traction systems, data centers, electric vehicle charging infrastructure, energy management, advanced data analytics, and IoT technologies. In his previous role he was ABB E-Mobility’s Product Marketing Manager and subject matter expert responsible for Terra 50 to 360 kW EV chargers in North America.

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