Expo Hall Forums

Daily in the Expo Hall

Our Expo Hall Forums are a vibrant marketplace of ideas, where exhibitors take center stage to unveil their latest innovations that promise to reshape the energy industry.

With each presentation, you'll gain exclusive insights into the strategies that set these companies apart. Learn about breakthroughs that transcend traditional boundaries, discover case studies that spotlight remarkable achievements, and explore developments that hold the key to gaining a competitive edge in today's rapidly evolving energy landscape.

It's not about showcasing products; it's about sharing a vision for a smarter, more sustainable future. Our exhibitors don't just present their offerings; they paint a vivid picture of how these advancements can create real-world impact.

The Expo Hall Forums are not merely a stage; they're an interactive experience. Engage in lively discussions, connect with like-minded professionals, and forge valuable partnerships that could be the catalyst for your next big success.

-Final schedule to be confirmed by September 15, 2024-

exhibitor presenting case studies and new technologies for the energy industry at the aee world expo hall forum