Levent Gun

Track H: Resiliency and Reliability
Wed/PM 2:00 PM - 2:30 PM
United States
Unlocking the Value of Renewable Energy—How a Fixed Voltage DC-Coupled Architecture Reduces the Costs of Utility-Scale Solar+Storage Systems

Numerous factors are driving the growth of solar-plus-storage in the U.S. and around the globe. Among them are improving economics, increased policy support, and the imperative of storage for ensuring a firm, dispatchable and resilient grid dominated by renewables. Despite increasing adoption of co-located systems, there are considerable industry knowledge gaps about the fundamental differences between the three main PV+storage configurations and which is best-suited to deliver high performing, low cost utility scale PV+storage systems. Levent Gun, CEO of Ampt, will compare the advantages of a Fixed Voltage DC-coupled architecture over competing Variable DC-coupled and AC-coupled designs. Then, Mr. Gun will discuss the various use cases, including “storage as a transmission” assets, peak management, and grid resilience that are behind the rapid growth of Fixed DC-coupled PV+storage deployments around the world.

Levent Gun has decades of experience in technical and senior executive-level positions with a track record of success at both start-ups and mature companies. Levent joined Ampt as its first CEO and built a team with a customer-driven culture. Under Levent’s leadership, Ampt created a new category of optimizers for the utility segment of the solar PV and energy storage markets and became the #1 optimizer company worldwide for this largest segment.
Prior to Ampt, Levent was president and CEO at Kleer, a wireless audio semiconductor company acquired by SMSC, and Iospan Wireless which was acquired by Intel. Levent also co-founded and led US Robotics’ Cable Data Business.

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