Leonard Chow

Track H: Resiliency and Reliability
Fri/AM 10:30 AM - 11:00 AM
Managing Director
ISPL Consulting Limited
United States
The Practical Use of Big Data Analytics and Artificial Intelligence Application to a Large Chiller Plant in a Tall Building in Hong Kong

The International Finance Centre 2 (IFC2) is the second tallest building in Hong Kong which has 94 storeys and 416m from ground level. It is a first-class office building with advance building facilities. ISPL Consulting Limited has the privilege to act as the Energy Consultant to carry out an innovative design for further energy savings on “Retro-commissioning” for the chilled water plant. The plant consists of 10 numbers of 1,000 TR sea-water indirect cooled chillers. A cloud-based data analytical platform was designed and implemented. There are over 15 insights or strategies used for the chiller plant. These insights were implemented and tested run one by one to see the effectiveness. It was found that some insights are effective and some are relatively not significant. It is a good opportunity to know relative effectiveness of various strategies. This project is also awarded to be the Regional Award of the year in 2022. It is a good opportunity to share experience with energy saving strategies for tall office buildings.

Dr Leonard Chow is the Vice President of Asia Pacific Rim Development. He was awarded as the Energy Manager of AEE Hall of Fame in 2022. He was the President of AEE Hong Kong Chapter and the Chairman of Hong Kong Association of Energy Engineers (HKAEE). Leonard was the International Award winner of “The 2011 Energy Engineer of the Year” from AEE USA. He is also elected the Fellow of AEE in 2013. Academically, he graduated with First Class Honors at the Imperial College London, U.K. He practices as a Consulting Mechanical and Building Services Engineer for over 35 years. Subsequently, he obtained his Master MSc and PhD degree. Dr Chow is currently a Professional Engineer in UK, Hong Kong, USA and Australia. He establishes his own company ISPL Consulting Ltd 28 years ago. Being the course manager for 17 years, he brings in over 60 AEE courses to Asia Pacific. He wrote over 30 technical papers, guidelines, manuals and conducted over 30 technical seminars in Hong Kong, Tokyo, Macau, Beijing, Xian, Shanghai, Jinan, Guangxi, Singapore and Atlanta of USA in the recent years.

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