Javier Ojeda

Track F: Building Performance
Fri/AM 10:00 AM - 10:30 AM
Owner, Principal Engineer
Hysovent Limited
United States
Best Practices for Energy Audits Using ASHRAE 211-2018 and RETScreen

The first step of any energy efficiency project, whatever its nature, is (or should be) an energy audit. Much has been written about energy audits, and several methodologies are used. However, two factors can be used to measure, from the auditor's point of view and from the audited client's point of view. Quality of the audit, and time spent on it. The ASHRAE 211-2018 standard establishes a very clear guide on what activities should be carried out depending on the level of detail-depth to which the audit is to be reached, and RETScreen allows to quickly make energy models of the installation, and study, with fairly fast and accurate results, the effects of possible applicable energy efficiency initiatives. In this paper and in the presentation, we will briefly talk about the best practices, based on the mother of the teachers: the experience, to plan, execute, and deliver results, of energy audits, using the ASHRAE 211-2018 standard and the invaluable help of RETScreen, to perform high quality energy audits in the shortest possible time.

I'm a Mechanical Engineer, with 18 years of experience in my field, in the renewable energy since 2005. I’m currently directing my career through the path of the Energy Management since 2009, with the participation in the creation of a Special Unit in Energy Management in my past company, CORPOELEC, in Venezuela. Also, I obtained the Certified Energy Management® Professional Certification, by the Association of Energy Engineers, and in 2017 I obtained the Renewable Energy Professional® certification. During these years, I participated in the development of various projects related to the efficient use of energy on industrial, commercial and domestic facilities, working from the “utility side”, helping customers (mainly high consumption customers like steel and aluminum mills) to develop projects and measures to reduce their energy consumption, as part of a government directive. Also, I’m holder of the Project Management Professional® international certification, and apply the PMI principles in my projects. I coordinated and executed many interdisciplinary projects that required the use of my skills in Mechanical Engineering, Project Management, and the interaction with different departments in my company and other companies (suppliers, contractors, etc.). Now, I’m living in Canada. One of my recent career milestones had been to be the first plant manager for Muskrat Falls, the most recent big hydroelectric development in Canada, and now I’m running my own consulting firm focused on engineering and project management consulting for Renewable Energy, Sustainability and Energy Efficiency projects, and initiatives.

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