Greg Woodhouse

Track L: Accelerating Community Pathways to Net Zero
Wed/PM 2:00 PM - 2:30 PM
North American Vice President, Professional Services
United States
Decarbonizing Building Portfolios- Planning and Prioritizing for Optimum Returns

An increasing number of major owners and operators of large property portfolios have an organizational goal to operate with as near to zero greenhouse gas emissions as possible. It goes without saying, they also have the goal to operate the same portfolio safely and competitively. This calls for a systematic approach that allocates investments and other resources to those parts of the portfolio that maximize GHG reduction with the highest long-term financial return, the least operating risks and maximum competitive advantage. The presentation will discuss how a portfolio view of energy and climate management can create breakthrough decarbonization and attractive competitive outcomes.

Greg leads the North American Professional Services group at BGIS with a focus on Engineering, Sustainability, Capital Planning, Connected Buildings, and EV Infrastructure. In his role Greg leverages his 15 years of experience in mechanical building systems design to provide innovative and sustainable solutions to clients and building owners/operators.

In his time at BGIS Greg has developed and deployed the Connected Buildings program at BGIS which is responsible for enabling the reduction of over the 40,000 MT of Carbon for BGIS clients.

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