Daniel Howland

Track H: Resiliency and Reliability
Fri/AM 9:00 AM - 9:30 AM
Business Development Manager, North America
United States
Combined Engine Exhaust Solutions in CHP

Review/discussion of case study where combined engine exhaust solutions for CHP have been successfully implemented.
Array Industries has provided the design, integration, manufacturing, and site supervision/installation of multiple engine exhaust solutions for CHP projects with limited available space.
Key points:
1) Multiple engine exhausts combined, challenges, design considerations
2) Multiple heat recovery options
3) Efficiency & space optimization
4) Existing space re-purposed

Dan Howland is the Business Development Manager for Array Industries, Inc. He is responsible for promoting Combined Heat and Power (CHP) Balance of Plant Solutions for lean burn gas generator applications in North America and the Caribbean. Dan has over 25 years of experience in the power generation market with sales and business development roles at OEM and distributor levels. His expertise includes new and retrofit multi-megawatt power generation applications that utilize lean burn natural gas engine technology. Array Industries, Inc. specializes in the design and integration of traditional CHP and greenhouse CHP Balance of Plant Solutions that require heat recovery, CO2 conversion, pollution and noise reduction. Dan is a graduate of Cornerstone University with a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Communications and resides near Detroit, MI. What is your emission challenge?

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