Breitner Marczewski

Track E: Better Plants Program
Wed/PM 3:00 PM - 3:30 PM
Energy and Carbon Accounting Manager
General Electric - Aerospace
United States
GE Aerospace: Using Lean Concepts to Meet 2030 Decarbonization Goals

This presentation will focus on the planning tools and actions being taken in GE Aerospace to advance our progress towards our decarbonization goals. Using Lean concepts as the backbone of our strategy, the company has been able to effectively set organizational and local targets across different business, implemented a data management program to track efficacy and established a new energy treasure hunt method to drive results. Up to date, this approach enabled the company to meet data assurance standards, identify more than 11,000 MT CO2e in carbon efficiency projects with estimates of $8 million in cost savings.

Energy and carbon accounting manager for GE Aerospace, focused on lean concepts and data analysis to drive energy efficiency in manufacturing processes.

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