Billy Richards

Track L: Accelerating Community Pathways to Net Zero
Fri/AM 9:00 AM - 9:30 AM
Changeblock Group Holdings Limited
United Kingdom
Monetizing Carbon Reductions as Resource to Accelerate Community Decarbonization- The Circular Dilemma of Scale and Speed

A key priority in meeting the challenge of the climate crisis will be the rapid decarbonization of energy use and supply in thousands of communities across the world. This could create large quantities of carbon reductions with the potential to be transformed into high-quality tradable environmental credits, in turn creating resources to accelerate further investments in decarbonization. This virtuous cycle is dependent on the credibility and success of community decarbonization initiatives, the quality and credits of the emission reduction credits, and the availability of trustworthy trading platforms and predictable policy frameworks. The presentation will explore the role that monetization of planned carbon reductions can play in attracting investments to ramp up the scale and speed of community decarbonization.

Billy is a highly skilled and competent technology professional with experience in financing, establishing, growing, and transforming businesses across science and technology sectors, with notable experience in high-growth markets including biotechnology, machine learning, Environment and Decentralized Finance. Since turning to entrepreneurship, he has founded numerous ventures with two successful exits. He is experienced in driving growth, and tackling complex technological challenges as well as building tools and ecosystems that deliver value for customers and clients. Billy holds a first-class degree in Biochemistry and a Masters of Biochemistry from the University of Oxford where he was also a triple scholar.

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