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Onics Energy Solutions can help your facility decrease energy spend, improve equipment reliability, and advance ESG initiatives with the Onics Passive Neutral and Ground Harmonic Filter. The Onics device filters harmonic distortion in a facility’s electrical distribution system and lowers unnecessary kWh consumption as a result.

Industry experts agree that Onics provides a superior solution when it comes to reducing harmonics on ground and neutral in electrical systems. The Onics technology is a passive and inductive ground and neutral harmonic filter, meaning there is no additional energy required to power our devices nor annual maintenance needed.

Onics clients are guaranteed to experience a minimum kWh reduction of 5%. By mitigating – and in some cases eliminating – harmonic distortion on neutral and ground, cleaning the current fed back to the transformer, Onics has helped facilities reduce total energy consumption by more than 20% in some cases.

The Onics OES-11 is a passive, inductive, and non-invasive neutral and ground harmonic filter installed in parallel on the cold side of each 480V/277V and 208V/120V wye-connected electrical sub panel and ground application throughout a facility. The device is rated for panels up to 600V.

This low pass inductive filter runs in parallel with neutral or ground – not in series – so the filter can be installed on any size electrical service and does not absorb a substantial amount of energy while mitigating harmonic content.

Because it is a passive harmonic filter, it requires no third-party electrical components or full facility shutdown to be installed. The Onics OES-11 does not require maintenance, and there is no risk of service interruption if the filter is damaged or disconnected.

Facilities installing the Onics OES-11 passive harmonic filter can expect:
• Reduced energy waste
• Decreased equipment overheating
• Increased equipment reliability and lifespan
• Lower electricity bills
• Advancement toward ESG initiatives


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