Enervex 600x400



Booth #201

ENERVEX designs, manufactures, and installs innovative and energy-efficient exhaust systems for residential, commercial, and industrial/processing applications.
Our exhaust systems, including fans, heat recovery system, stack/duct, and controls, are engineered to optimize exhaust rates while reducing energy consumption and CO2 emissions. Our heat recovery systems efficiently capture and reuse waste heat, further enhancing energy efficiency and sustainability in processing operations.

We have a strong focus on R&D, and continuously invest in new technologies and solutions.

Headquartered in Alpharetta, Georgia, USA, we have sales offices and distributors in more than 20 countries.

ENERVEX showcases its innovative products and solutions to a diverse audience of energy professionals, consultants, engineers, architects, and facility managers. Our exhibit, located at booth #201, features a variety of products and solutions that demonstrate our company’s commitment to energy efficiency, environmental sustainability, and customer satisfaction. Some of the products and solutions on display include:
• The RHT Roof-top Heat Exchanger System – a cutting-edge, turnkey solution for capturing and recycling excess heat from most processes, turning it into valuable energy savings and reducing CO2 emissions. It eliminates all the concerns about downtime and provides real savings.
• The BEFx Box Fan – an FEI-rated multi-use, high performing, variable speed centrifugal exhaust fan designed for bathroom, kitchen or clothes dryer exhaust in a multi-story apartment building.
• The MBES Modulating Building Exhaust System™ – a demand-controlled exhaust system designed for multi-story buildings that have kitchen hoods, bathrooms or clothes dryers on multiple floors.

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