Adrienne Zlatkiss

CWEEL Keynote Speaker Announced

Adrienne Zlatkiss, Service Director for Powers of Louisiana

Attend the CWEEL BREAKFAST AND KEYNOTE PRESENTATION | October 21 | Thursday | 7:30 – 9:00 am

Adrienne Zlatkiss is a trusted advisor who works with clients to meet their sustainability, energy and resiliency goals. Adrienne has been part of the sustainability movement from the beginning. Her life’s purpose has been finding sustainable solutions that help the environment while having a positive effect on the long-term financial bottom line.  After more than 15 years working in sustainability and energy for the Georgia Department of Natural Resources, Louisiana State University Health Sciences Center, CDM Smith and Siemens, and Powers, Adrienne knows what truly drives successful projects and policy. Her clients have included carpet manufacturers, higher education campus’, City and County governments, hospitals, K-12 and various Federal agencies.

In her current role at Powers, Adrienne is a Service Director that works with clients to achieve their sustainability and energy goals by leveraging their building automation systems and optimizing their HVAC performance. Adrienne has supported clients throughout the United States and in Louisiana to achieve their sustainability goals with lasting results.

Adrienne holds a MSc in Sustainable Development from the Imperial College of London
and BS in Environmental Engineering.