2021 Speaker Announcement

ATLANTA, MAR 1, 2021

Robert Swan, OBE, Record Breaking Explorer & Environmental Campaigner to close AEE World 2021.

For a second year, Robert Swan will be the keynote speaker that closes the AEE World Energy Conference & Expo. Attendees come to AEE World to learn and network, and discuss key issues in energy efficiency, energy engineering, energy management, renewable energy, and sustainability.

During the 2019 AEE World Energy Conference and Expo, Robert gave a compelling keynote speech before embarking on the Last 300 Expedition. For Robert, this journey started over 30-years ago when he set out to “follow in the footsteps of Scott” to the South Pole. His team arrived on January 11, 1986, after a grueling 70 days walking 900 miles (1,400 km) across Antarctica. They had achieved the longest unassisted march ever made in history, which stands to this day. Over the past three decades, Robert has worked for the preservation of the Antarctic, championed sustainable development, and has undertaken a wide range of global and local environmental missions.

The attendees of AEE World 2019 found him to be genuinely inspiring. The ideals he expressed in his presentation, and the goal of his latest journey align with AEE’s core mission of fostering sustainable energy for our planet. We anticipate Robert to challenge, entertain and motivate attendees again in 2021, when he provides an update on the Last 300 Expedition that arrived at the South Pole on January 13, 2020.

Event: 2021 AEE World Energy Conference & Expo

Website: https://world.aeecenter.org

Dates: Conference OCT. 20-22, 2021 | Expo OCT. 20-21, 2020

Location: New Orleans, LA