Albert Williams

CEM®, CEA™, CIEP™, CMVP®, 50001CP™, CAP™, REP™, BEP™, CLEP™, CWEP™ | UNIDO Qualified Expert in CASO, PSO, SSO, & MSO | Industrial Engineer

Honeyguide Energy Engineering | Energy Engineer & Training Instructor


Track J: Industrial Energy Efficiency

Session J3: Industrial Energy Management

September 27, 2024 | 10:00 am - 10:30 am

The 9 Energy-Saving Focus Areas in Pump Systems – Summative Results from 43 Systems and Thousands of Pumps around the World

Pumps consume 22% of global electricity motor demand; the most of all the motor driven energy systems. The overwhelming majority of pump systems have 15% – 50% energy savings available, making it one of the most, if not the most, impactful systems-areas to achieve net-zero energy efficiency targets globally. In this presentation, the audience are taken through the nine categorized areas to consider when performing Pump System Optimization audits.

Accompanying these nine energy savings opportunity areas, are feasibility results from personal audit experience from 43 recent industrial and utility pump systems, consuming over 500 GWh per year, from three continents. Additionally, researched energy management results from another 500 pump systems from various international sectors is shown. The average savings results of each of the opportunities are given, giving the audience real-life business cases of what one could expect on average when considering implementation of each one of these opportunities.

Participants are left with clearly implementable PSO instructions, low-cost/no-cost operational and energy efficiency measures, and rule-of-thumb energy saving quantification tips.

Speaker Bio

Albert is an energy engineer and training instructor who has delivered over 200 energy training courses, has travelled and worked in over 45 countries, and has contributed in developing 25 different courses, including the CEM®, CEA™, CIEP™ (lead developer), and 50001CP™.

He is recurrently contracted by the World Bank as a pump systems technical advisor in Asia, by the United Nations (UNIDO) as an international pump expert and training instructor in the Middle East, and by Canadian/Bulgarian/Austrian firms as the pump systems energy efficiency Utility Management trainer in the Balkans. Additionally, he performs freelance energy management training and consulting work for a dozen other companies around the world.

Albert has almost two decades of energy engineering experience and has conducted over 230 energy audits. Albert is the author of the published Industrial Energy Systems Handbook, he has won various international energy engineering awards, he holds 10 x AEE® certifications, 4 x UNIDO qualifications, and he is an AEE® lifetime member.