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Anna Kelly

Associate Vice President, Regulatory Affairs | Power TakeOff | Moderator

October, 26 - 2:30 PM

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Decarbonization and Electrification


Meet Anna Kelly, a passionate advocate for climate action. As Principal of Measurement and Verification and Associate VP of Regulatory Affairs at Power Takeoff, Anna oversees 1,200 energy efficiency projects annually, driven by her dedication to combat climate change with innovative strategies.Anna’s workforce development book, “Climate Champions,” empowers individuals from all backgrounds to contribute meaningfully to climate action. It instills hope, inspiring a new generation of climate professionals to make a difference.Throughout her career, Anna has optimized small and medium business practices across the US and Canada, saving over $10 million in energy bills and entrenching sustainability principles into business operations.In addition to her 16 publications, Anna serves on industry boards, mentors future climate leaders, teaches workforce development courses, and collaborates with leading scientists and advocates to develop actionable international protocols.

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