Where do I send my logo and description?

Review your description and logo here

If no listing or if you have updates, submit this form

How do I submit an abstract to speak on the conference program?

Programs are typically finalized 4 months prior to the event.  But reach out to [email protected] for more information.

When is exhibitor move-in?

Always 8am to 5pm the day prior to opening.  If you need more set-up time, please contact [email protected]. She will make arrangements if feasible with our decorator, the facility and security.

When is exhibitor move-out?

Always 2pm - 7pm on the final day of the expo

How do I promote my participation and invite customers?

Social media images and text are posted in the Exhibitor Manual

Are early discounts offered?

Yes, typically the best prices are offered 21-30 days before move in.  Refer to Exhibitor Toolkit for dates

Who do we order services through?