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Worthington Energy Innovations (WEI) is a technology firm and solutions provider, teaming with its customers to provide long term sustainable energy solutions. Our holistic approach to engineering and design, allowing us to provide turnkey energy solutions with mechanical equipment and controls technology performing as a single intelligent system. ‘We design it, we supply it, and we make it work.’ WEI was founded on innovation, bringing aeronautical engineering science, wind tunnel technology and the thermodynamics of the mass flow of air to commercial, institutional, healthcare and industrial facilities. We’re fortunate to have customers who want to show the world what’s possible in energy efficiency, world-class air quality, partial load efficiency, generation and sustainability enabling true lifecycle management. Our story really, is a story of the courage, commitment and leadership of our customers.

Ocean Spray opened a new bottling facility in 2014. Partnering with WEI, the facility was designed and constructed with several energy efficient technologies that drastically reduced the energy consumption of the facility’s electric and natural gas usage. This facility was the first in America to use hot water for juice pasteurization instead of steam heat. This session will explore a few design strategies such as steam to hot water conversion, heat recovery, pressurized ventilation, that made this facility a showroom for energy efficiency and air quality. Ocean Spray also has a Global Control system. This dashboard has a built-in energy model of the entire facility allowing for real time btu/gallon tracking and continuous improvement. Lastly, we will explore a business model of a Performance Guarantee. Through WEI and Ocean Spray partnership, WEI purchased the utility equipment and guarantees the performance of these systems installed at the facility.

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