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A clean tech company and solution provider, World Energy Innovations (WEI) was founded on innovation, bringing alternate proven technologies developed from aeronautical engineering science, wind tunnel technology and the thermodynamics of the mass flow of air to facilities, thereby lowering energy costs by 30% or more. Positively pressurizing facilities, much like an airship, an engineered system achieves even distribution of temperature and humidity year-round, without ductwork.

Warm Air Cooling™ and Cool Air Heating™ are examples of the innovative solutions by WEI.

Controlled exfiltration purges internal heat gain and particulate, allowing for heat recovery, improved air quality, while advancing low carbon. WEI’s business model delivers accountability with a guarantee:

We design it, we supply it, and we make it work. Get sustainable energy efficiency solutions with Global Controls, facility pressurization, HVAC systems, modular chiller design, steam elimination, heat recovery, CH2P™, renewable energy, and efficient ballast-free low voltage DC lighting. Ask how WEI can help with your electrification, decarbonization goals.

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