Onset – HOBO Data Loggers

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For decades, industry experts have trusted Onset’s HOBO Data Loggers for insights into energy-saving opportunities and to help plan for a sustainable future. Designed to support a wide range of indoor environmental monitoring, versatile HOBO products provide accurate data for measurements such as temp/RH, CO2, occupancy, light on/off, motor run-times, and energy usage.

The HOBO MX1100 series of Bluetooth-enabled data loggers – offering the convenience of wireless setup and easy data offload with the free HOBOconnect app on your phone, tablet, or Windows laptop – includes the award-winning HOBO MX1101 Temp/RH logger, the HOBO MX1102 CO2/Temp/RH logger, and HOBO MX Multi-Channel loggers with Self-Describing sensors for high-accuracy data, simple deployment, and seamless data access.

For instant alerts via text/email and remote access to site-specific data via our HOBOlink cloud software, Onset offers a variety of solutions, including the powerful HOBOnet wireless sensor network, which combines a flexible HOBO RX3000 or HOBO MicroRX station with up to 50 wireless sensors for maximum coverage spanning across multiple floors.

Onset has been designing and manufacturing its products on site since the company’s founding in 1981.

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