Orlando, FL | October 25-27 | Expo: October 25-26


Unleashing Canadian Energy Innovation | Transforming the Future | Your Platform for Global Reach

Are you ready to be part of Canada's green energy revolution? Join us at the Canadian Pavilion at the AEE World Energy Conference and Expo!

We invite forward-thinking Canadian companies offering innovative products, services, and solutions in the energy efficiency ecosystem to join us. The Canadian Pavilion is your gateway to showcase the transformative impact of Canadian energy innovation on the global stage.

Here’s why you should be part of the Canadian Pavilion:

  1. Global Exposure: As a high-profile international event, AEE World draws decision-makers and influencers from across the globe. This is your chance to showcase your brand, ideas, and innovations on an unprecedented scale.
  2. Networking Opportunities: Engage with industry professionals, potential partners, and customers from around the world. Leverage these connections to expand your business, explore new collaborations, and gain invaluable insights.
  3. Knowledge Exchange: Stay ahead of the curve by learning about the latest trends, technologies, and strategies driving the energy industry. Participate in knowledge sharing sessions to enhance your competitive advantage.
  4. Unified Voice: The Canadian Pavilion provides a unique opportunity to present a unified Canadian stance on energy efficiency, decarbonization, and renewable energy. Stand together to demonstrate the power and potential of Canadian ingenuity.
  5. Business Growth: The Pavilion's high-visibility setting gives exhibitors a distinct edge, boosting brand recognition and generating new business opportunities.
World 2023_Canada Pavilion


Armstrong Fluid Technology

Smardt Chiller Group

Accuenergy (CANADA) Inc.

BrainBox AI

Join us and let's make a powerful statement together. Be a part of the Canadian Pavilion at AEE World and showcase the strength of Canada's energy industry to the world.

Sign up today, and let's empower a sustainable energy future!

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Contact: Diane McCullum for booth availability
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