Troy Harvey

Track F: Building Analytics
Thu/AM 10:00 AM - 10:30 AM
United States
Autonomous Buildings – Unlocking Energy Efficiency and Smart Cities

Autonomous systems are the end point in nearly every industry, but the economy's largest controlled infrastructure has been lagging behind in moving towards this goal. Buildings stand to gain so much from becoming autonomous – meaningful efficiency gains, true occupant comfort, generative design, a foundation for connected smart cities – yet they still rely on decades old technology that fundamentally is incapable of delivering this future. In this presentation, PassiveLogic CEO Troy Harvey will discuss a framework for achieving autonomous buildings – and then take a deeper dive into the key enabling technologies that all come together to create a platform for full autonomy in the built environment.

Troy Harvey, CEO of PassiveLogic, has a proven track record of 20 years of vision and leadership: building and delivering game-changing solutions by blending cutting-edge technology with emerging market opportunities. Mr. Harvey holds unique cross-over expertise in the fields of product development, building science, and control systems engineering. Prior to forming PassiveLogic, Mr. Harvey founded Heliocentric, a leading building science and controls engineering firm that innovated a new approach to building design using simulation technology. He oversaw the development of next-generation controller technology to address the unmet needs of high-performance building energy systems.

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