Tony Mayfield

Track E: Energy Storage
Thu/AM 10:30 AM - 11:00 AM
Senior Engineering Consultant and Principle
On-Target Innovations, LLC
United States
Battery Energy Storage Systems - What are They [Really], What They Can Do, Why You Need Them

A Battery Energy Storage System (BESS) is system optimized to provide a continuous supply of power to maintain a stable output in the ever-changing environments and conditions in today’s world. Often BESSs perform in various ways: as power generation resources, in connection with the transmission and distribution network or with renewable energy, or as demand-side resources. A BESS can prove to be extremely beneficial as part of system that utilizes or distributes renewable energy.

Tony Mayfield – A Senior Consultant at On-Target Innovations, a Tennessee based consulting firm. Tony has over 30 years as a program/project manager, with experience in project/cost controls, information systems, process analysis, process re-engineering and training with both commercial and government organizations. Mr. Mayfield provided integrated solutions for measurement, control, and calculation of metrics for operational and energy efficiencies.
He has an undergraduate degree in engineering, a master’s degree in information systems and is working on his doctorate in information systems. He utilized proven project management techniques and strategies to provide solid, consistent oversight for both simple and enterprise-wide projects while leading large, complex projects while collaborating with numerous multi-national companies. An accomplished speaker, trainer, and has provided oversight and leadership in the development of projects, determining scope of work, resolving project-related issues, and keeping concerned stakeholders up-to-date, while utilizing best management practices.

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