Tony Castro

Track B: Utility and Electric Rates
Thu/AM 10:00 AM - 10:30 AM
Southern Company
United States
Georgia Power's Real Time Pricing (RTP)

Georgia Power offers a variety of innovative rate options for customers to choose from so that they can select the one that will best meet their needs. Real Time Pricing (RTP) is an option that provides large commercial and industrial customers the ability to purchase a portion of new incremental load at hourly marginal prices. By having access to these hourly prices, customers that have the operational flexibility can avoid higher priced hours by shifting their load to lower cost hours. RTP has served as one of the most economical rate options for some of our largest customers, providing them with the opportunity to enhance their competitiveness and continue to access marginal pricing for potential load growth.

Tony Castro is the Pricing Administration Manager at Georgia Power. His team is responsible for the management and billing of the Real Time Pricing program (RTP), the C&I demand response program, and billing of certain renewable energy programs.

Tony has been with Southern Company since 2005 and has held various positions in the sales and planning organizations at Georgia Power. In these positions, he has served as a key account manager and also led teams responsible for energy simulations, economic analyses, and cost of service studies.

Tony has previous work experience in the hospitality and international trade fields. Tony earned both a BS in Economics and an MBA from Georgia State University.

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