Tom Lanzilotta

Track A: Energy Master Planning
Thu/AM 9:30 AM - 10:00 AM
Sustainability and Energy Manager
Stony Brook University
United States
Energy Master Planning - Establishing the Plan and Lessons Learned

This presentation is designed to provide a roadmap for organizations looking to establish and implement an energy master plan at their institution. The material included in the presentation focuses on a combination of best practices and key solutions to the challenges faced during each phase of energy master planning. These phases include the initial goal setting and team assembly most institutions will encounter at the beginning of the process, followed by an assessment period that serves as a crucial lead-up to the development of the plan. The process is concluded with the implementation phase of the energy master plan and the subsequent measurement and verification (M&V) stage that follows. The presentation ends with valuable lessons learned and next steps for institutions once the energy master plan is established.

Tom Lanzilotta joined Stony Brook University in 2012 as the Energy Manager after receiving his Master’s in Energy Management and CEM certification. Since 2012, Tom managed over $100 million in energy projects and reduced overall energy consumption even though 1.7 million square-feet was added. His energy saving process started with an energy reduction plan that has since expanded to include offsite renewables, on-site solar, cogeneration, and lighting audits. Tom helped reduce campus-wide EUI by 21% resulting in cost savings of over $10 million/year. He helps oversee a utility budget of $50 million/year covering more than 200 buildings and 13 million square-feet. Tom also implemented a campus-wide sub-metering system and developed an in-house data analytics program. Tom continues to advance energy conservation programs and solutions for the University. Tom was the 2016 NY - AEE's “Energy Manager of the Year” and 2019 Region-1 Energy Manager in recognition of his efforts.

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