Tim Sohnlein

Track H: Compressed Air Best Practices
Fri/AM 9:30 AM - 10:00 AM
Senior Manager
Universal Compressed Air
United States
Automotive Manufacturer Outsources Compressed Dry Air Under a Performance Contract

A major automotive company needed a newer and more efficient compressed air
system at one of its manufacturing plants. The original system was unreliable and operating inefficiently with old equipment and controls. Faced with a major capital investment, the manufacturer decided to preserve its own capital and outsource its air supply through a Pipeline AirTM performance contract offered by Universal Compressed Air (UCA). Under this agreement air production was located offsite and a more efficient modular compressed air facility was engineered, built and is now operated by UCA. In addition to providing for guaranteed uptime and reliability, the facility significantly reduces the manufacturer's O&M costs and electrical power consumption. The performance contract guarantees the manufacturer a reliable air supply and cost savings over a long-term contract.

UCA is finding more and more manufacturers are interested in this type of performance contracting for compressed air. In fact, UCA has completed many other plants using this same contracting approach just in the last 12 months and has contracted with a major steel plant in a similar arrangement.

20+ years in the compressed air industry starting out in the technical service department and then onto the sales management team.

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