Tim Harris

Track K: Hydrogen
Thu/AM 9:00 AM - 9:30 AM
Senior Project Manager
EnTrust Solutions Group
United States
Hydrogen for Decarbonization and Closing the Energy Gap

Globally, there has been increasing debate over the future of the energy sector. Domestically, this has centered around numerous corporate net zero, 1.5°C, and sustainability pledges. Starting with a holistic review of domestic energy resources, energy usage, and energy end use, the minimum requirements for a sustainable energy grid in a decarbonized future will be explored.

Leveraging that background, possible future scenarios, and optimized use cases for future hydrogen deployment to enable decarbonization will be discussed. A particular emphasis will be placed on decarbonizing the existing natural gas industry to serve as a foundation for the energy transition. A systematic approach to implementing these transitions through pilot projects and targeted discussions will conclude.

Mr. Harris is a registered professional engineer who helps to lead EN Engineering’s Renewable Energy practice with an emphasis on RNG and Hydrogen. Previously at Southern Company Gas, he helped start the research and development organization. During his tenure at Southern Company Gas, in collaboration with the National Renewable Energy Laboratory, Mr. Harris developed the HyBlend consortium concept, organized 15 industry partners’ research objectives prioritization, and successfully won DOE’s HFCTO Funding Opportunity for $12 million. Mr. Harris has coauthored novel research in hydrogen materials compatibility. Now, Mr. Harris leverages his previous experience to help clients translate aspirational clean-energy goals into tangible designs that enable a sustainable net-zero future.

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