Terry Bickham

Track B: Energy Management
Fri/AM 9:00 AM - 11:00 AM
VP Engineering and Business Solutions
Green CHP
United States
Performance Contracting Innovations- Panel

For targeted markets with operational needs for resilience, sustainability, and hydronic heat, traditional CHP has often met client needs within the context of performance contracts. Renewable energy generation also brings economic and other benefits within the matrix of opportunities and measures for the right client. This webinar offers a reprise on traditional CHP fit, renewable energy generation fit, and the combination of the two enabled by improvements in technology, changes in drivers, and advances in implementation.

Terry Bickham has driven success over the past three decades in a variety of leadership roles, including as the national services director for an energy services company, an energy engineer and energy engineering instructor, and an energy manager for a multi-national firm. He holds a degree in engineering from the U.S. Naval Academy, and his professional qualifications include Certified Energy Manager (CEM), LEED AP, Certified Sustainable Design Professional (CSDP), and Certified Demand Side Management (CDSM). Terry is a sought-after speaker in national forums on topics including energy storage, the Inflation Reduction Act, integration of energy services within performance contracts, and as a service models.

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