Terrence Rollins

Track C: Infrastructure Renewal A Phenomenological Way to Save Energy
Fri/AM 9:00 AM - 11:00 AM
Project Manager
RHC Global Energy Solutions
United States
The Title of the session Industrial Energy Management: "Infrastructure Renewal A Phenomenological Way to Save Energy".

The Return of the Refrigeration Engineer in Sustainable Operations and Maintenance of Large Air
Conditioning and Refrigeration Plants with United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP) due
to the critical need for Engineers and Technicians to retrain, and provide guidance around the
globe, for certifying technicians, focusing on Refrigerant Management. UNEP and AHRI are
developing initiatives to develop a globally recognized and accepted qualification program that
set minimum standards for the “Operational Engineers Excellence” for the Design, Engineering,
Construction, Commissioning and Maintenance Management (DECCOMM) of refrigerants
through the supply chain network and Life Cycle.

Mr. Terrence L. Rollins, MBA, C.E.M.®, CPMM, CDSM, CSDP, was presented for the AEE “Energy Professional Development of the Year” for 2013 award, Region I. Due to his outstanding accomplishments in training and development of energy engineers and managers, and for superior service to the Association of Energy Engineers (AEE). Over the past thirty years, Terrence has been actively engaged in the Energy and Facility Management Professional Development category which resulted in a total of (6) awards including (2) Energy Star awards at the Peter Rodino Federal Facility, the Robert A. Roe Federal Facility, and (4) at his previous DoD and GSA sites. Mr. Rollins works as a Project Manager with RHC Global Energy Solutions and serve as Federal Energy Manager with the Federal Government

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