Steve Kromer

Track K: Energy Data, Analytics, and Tracking
Wed/PM 2:00 PM - 4:00 PM
Energy Engineer
Counterfactual Designs
United States

I continue to be interested in how the application of a simple concept - the counterfactual method - has become a critical element of quantifying the impact and value of energy projects and programs.

The energy management and "M&V" space has so many areas for interesting analysis. Hence, I've launched as a place to explore the space and illuminate the core concepts. We'll be investigating the spectrum of analysis from simple contracts to high level scientific research. And we'll branch out from energy to look at how other fields apply counterfactual thinking.

Long ago (after working at Enron) I conceptualized a tool- Generalized Energy Asset Risk Simulation - GEARS. A simulation tool to allow users to consider valuation trade offs from a variety of perspectives. Who wins and who loses when rooftop solar becomes common? What are the incentives to shift load vs. purchasing new assets? GEARS is still waiting to be born. I'm hoping adds to its DNA.

Specialties: Counterfactual thinking, M&V, EM&V, Energy analysis

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