Srinivasan Nagarajan

Track C: Lighting 101
Fri/AM 9:00 AM - 9:30 AM
Principal Consultant
Hansa Energy Solutions LLC
United Arab Emirates
Smart Strategies in Replacing Street Lighting in a Municipal Infrastructure

This is a completed project of replacing existing lights with energy saving, long life LED lamps with automated controls. This project is different from conventional replacement retrofits, as in this Project, smart controlling strategies have been incorporated to the maximum to reduce dependence on manual intervention with a final view to saving electricity over and above what is possible with standard retrofits.

This Project took place in one Municipal area coming under the jurisdiction of Ras Al Khaimah Economic Zone, under one of the seven Emirates of United Arab Emirates, to replace (retrofit) existing conventional street lights, stretching over a length of 15 miles (25 km), in multiple zones, each having a ground spread of 500 metres linear length and covering an area of nearly 9.3 million sq.m.

Value addition to the controls of the lighting, especially during late night hours and during lower lux level requirements, was incorporated into the lighting system in the form of wireless communication protocol, generally called as ZIGBEE controls, for Energy management. These controls helped to reduce energy consumption by dimming the light level during late night hours and/or lesser traffic. In addition, the controls have capability to be programmed to cover a complete annual season taking into account the day light availability.

The control and regulation of the installed street lighting involves logging in to captive smart control systems to manage/control /monitor /trouble shoot the street lighting remotely. All the features and parameters needed to be assessed/changed can be done with a click facilitating hassle free operations.

The implementation took about 9 months involving about retrofitting 1,500 lamps. The simple payback came to 2 years.

The Speaker is a well experienced Energy Conservation Specialist, from India, having been in the field for more than 32 years. Has covered more than 600 Establishments- Commercial, Industrial, and other related sectors.

The Speaker is a Mechanical Engineering Graduate. Also a AEE-Certified Energy Manager, a LEED Certified Professional. Some of the LEED Projects handled by the Speaker are the first of its kind, outside USA, In all handled more than 30 LEED-Certified projects.

The Speaker is also an Award Winner from AEE, in 2021, for an Energy Conservation Project, classification as Energy Project of the year, in Indonesia.

The Speaker has also participated in the Seattle WWEC in June 2014, as a Speaker

Is presently based in Dubai, since 2007, and is involved in ESCO (Energy Service Company) towards implementation of energy savings schemes, especially for the Government Buildings.

Has taken role as International Consultant in Vietnam for more than 20 Projects on energy conservation on Projects sponsored by World Bank, ADB, UNDP and other Institutions.

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