Sowmitra "Sam" Ghosh

Track E: ESG
Thu/AM 10:00 AM - 10:30 AM
Senior Engineer
Colonial Pipeline
United States
ESG for the Midstream Industries

Ever since United Nations in 2005 challenged investment firms worldwide environmental, social and Governance (ESG) is gaining momentum. Due to increasing pressure from investors, customers, and regulators corporate ESG assets are encompassing a 50 trillion dollars portfolio according to a Bloomberg estimate. Many companies are still unsure how to meaningfully measure, control and report their ESG efforts according to an Intelligize survey. Several large integrated energy companies (up- and downstream) have announced net zero goals and auditable ESG scores. Midstream with little ownership of fuel are followers in reporting while benefitting from customers efforts in biofuel, carbon capture and Hydrogen transition. Energy Infrastructure Council (EIC), an industry group in 2019 had rolled out a reporting template for the Midstream to measure ESG and to improve by deploying resources toward sustainability. Ignoring ESG can restrict access to capital, permits, reputation and organizational viability. This paper will discuss the ESG efforts of midstream companies and the challenges and opportunities in their implementation.

Sam is a PE, PMP with an MBA and an active senior member of IEEE and AEE. He is fascinated by the human development and energy. He went to Southern Illinois University and has worked in three continents in Oil & Gas, Power, Chemical, pharmaceutical, food/beverage, water/waste treatment, fulfillment centers and nuclear facilities. Sam enjoys traveling, gardening and is proud father of a daughter who is a doctor in Columbia University.

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