Song Deng

Track C: Commissioning
Wed/PM 3:30 PM - 4:00 PM
CEO/Technical Advisor
United States
The Current State of Building Commissioning – A Practitioner’s Version & Vision

From New Building (Construction) Commissioning (NBCx or NCCx) to Existing Building Commissioning (EBCx), Retro-Commissioning (RCx) to Re-Commissioning (ReCx), Piece-Meal Commissioning (PCx) to Comprehensive Cx Programs (or Cx-Lite), HVAC, Controls & MEP to Total Building Commissioning (TBCx), Physical Commissioning (PCx No. 2) to Remote Cx or Monitoring-Based Commissioning (MBCx), Internal Commissioning to Nodal Commissioning (NCx), On-Going Cx (OCx) to Life-Cycle Building Cx (LCBCx), IOT, BEM/BIM and ML & AI, Pricing to POP, etc., this recap is a live practitioner’s view, while fueling many businesses/enterprises into their building Cx endeavors and various & numerous successes down the road. Instead of striving for a regulator and officer, he has been a peer, coach, and teammate.

Song formerly served as an Associate Director at the Energy Systems Lab of Texas A&M University, where he directed an internationally leading group of researchers, engineers, technicians and graduate students implementing building energy efficiency projects with an annual R&D/consulting budget over $8 million. Teamed with Dr. W. Dan Turner, the two personally walked through and assessed more than 600 buildings and campuses globally during the past three decades, leading cutting-edge data-driven energy conservation and asset/resource management programs resulted in measured and documented avoided costs and energy savings over $300 million. They co-developed DOE/AEE’s MCBCP® certification course and AEE’s CBCP® International certification course. Song is also on World Bank’s roster of energy efficiency experts.

In 2010, Song and Dr. Turner co-founded the Theory of Nodal Partners, which reflects their view of today’s world, IT, energy and utility’s supplies, transportation and consumption, smart grid of everything, interplay and readiness.

Currently, Song consults and lectures worldwide in the scientific fields of monitoring & platform-based life-cycle building commissioning, master planning, asset and resource management, ESPC, UESC and PACE independent 3rd party M&V and integrated quality assurance, energy efficiency, O&M, sustainability and resiliency, smart buildings/campus/grid, CHP, TES, district and micro-grid, big data analytics and fog intelligence.

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