Saverio Grosso

Track A: Energy Master Planning
Thu/AM 10:00 AM - 10:30 AM
Managing Director
Edison Energy
United States
Retro-Cx Program Development: Achieving Portfolio Wide Energy & Carbon Reduction Goals through Training and a Culture of Collaboration

Every successful Retro-Commissioning (RCx) Program includes collaboration with the building's operating staff. Therefore, it is critical to foster a culture of trust and engagement with all parties (across a portfolio of sites) to identify, implement, and sustain energy conservation and greenhouse gas (GHG) reduction measures. The presentation will draw on technical examples and lessons learned from real-world projects, this session will provide guidance and best practices for working with onsite operations teams across the various site as part of a broader Retro-Cx Program effort. This session will also help attendees develop training materials that can be used for Ongoing Commissioning (OCx) projects and showcase examples of how previous award-winning project collaborations have shown significant benefits beyond the attainment of energy and carbon savings.

Saverio began his career commissioning aircraft carriers for the U.S. Navy before moving into an engineering and consulting role within the energy industry. In the past 20+ years, he has managed projects on a wide range of facilities, including healthcare, commercial real estate, mission critical facilities and high-end pharmaceutical laboratories, among others. He is a results-oriented energy program developer, recognized for published case studies and articles, piloting innovative energy reduction projects for city and state agencies, and the creation and delivery of several accredited education programs. Serving as a board member of the Building Commissioning Association and adjunct professor for the CUNY School of Professional Studies, he is known for developing and teaching efficient operations strategies and nationally accredited courses to union schools, city agencies and healthcare institutions. His work as a trusted adviser has allowed him to help define legislation in support of NYC’s energy and carbon emissions goals.

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