Samer Zawaydeh

Track J: Renewables and Microgrids
Thu/AM 9:00 AM - 9:30 AM
Al Hussein Technical University
Prosumers Driving the Decarbonization of Electricity Grids – Case Study

Decarbonization of the energy sector will need the efforts of everyone. Countries around the world are gradually moving away from fossil fuel and increasing their dependance on national natural clean energy like wind and solar. This is creating local jobs and improving the economy and supporting the rapid transition into clean resources.

The energy sector is responsible for over 70% of the GHG and the electricity generation has the largest sector losses because of the inefficient use of fossil fuel in generating energy with 30-50% efficiency or less. That is why the development of the small-scale renewable energy projects has big advantages to governmental and system operators around the world. Electricity generation is the single most important factor in the history of our civilization. Small scale RE projects transforms every user into a “Prosumer” and ultimately change the business model of the grids into smart grids. This paper will show actual opportunities and current technology trends as drivers to the economic, social and environmental advantages that is leading the exponential deployment of small scale RE systems.

Smart grid, Prosumers, Solar, Efficiency, Economy

Samer Zawaydeh M.S.C., C.R.M., R.E.P., is an Independent Engineer internationally recognized energy expert with 26 years of management experience around the world. He worked in the extra heavy steel structure fabrication of power stations and refineries worldwide and on developing several wind energies projects in Jordan. He worked on Jordan Renewables Readiness Assessment (2020-2025) with IRENA, development of the ESCOs Accreditation Scheme for Jordan (2021-2022), Study on Smart Grid Options for Jordan (2021-2022), Climate Change Stakeholders Dialogue (2019-2022), energy efficiency, renewable energy, utility scale Wind and PV projects development with and he is the first consultant that started implementing Jordan Green Building Guide rating system 2015. He is also a lecturer in energy regulation, policy and economics at the Al Hussein Technical University. He trained over 100,000 people since 2012 in RE and EE and over 4000 AEE professionals. He founded 25 AEE student chapters and 6 National Chapters.

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