Ronald J. Slember

Track E: Lessons Learned from the COVID-19 Pandemic
Fri/AM 9:30 AM - 10:00 AM
Energy and Climate Change Advisors, LLC
United States
Optimizing Facilities and Energy Management in a Post Covid 19 Environment

The Covid-19 Pandemic has had an enormous impact on how businesses and industry function, both short term and long term. Actions taken to mitigate the pandemic impact range from temporary to permanent in length and minor to major in scope, cost and consequence.

The rapidly evolving and changing needs for facilities, services and office environments has required real estate and facilities management organizations to quickly adapt in order to efficiently and effectively serve the enterprise needs.

Energy Management and Sustainability are key functions within facilities management that are at the core of successful adaptation to the new business model and operating environment. The ability to optimize these functions is critical due to the direct and significant impact on employee health, safety and productivity as well as operational reliability, cost management and service responsiveness.

This presentation addresses how to evaluate, analyze and implement plans, policies and actions that drive optimized operating performance. We will share our process driven approach that ensures key issues are addressed, and strategies and plans remain flexible, optimized and relevant.

Ronald J. Slember is President of Energy and Climate Change Advisors, LLC, an integrated energy and sustainability consulting firm focused on optimizing client's energy, sustainability and facilities management performance.

Ron has worked at senior levels of Fortune 500 corporations including having global operations responsibility for energy, utilities and sustainability for a Fortune 50 corporation. He holds numerous licenses and certifications, is a Six Sigma Black Belt and has been an adjunct professor at NYU and NJIT.
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Michael F. Guerin
Mike Guerin is President of Guerin Associates, Inc, a consulting firm specializing in facilities management and real estate. Mike works across all business sectors, focusing on facilities management benchmarking, operational analysis, space utilization, outsourcing and implementation of best practices. He is a licensed architect, professional engineer, CEM, CFM, LEED Green Associate, and Green Globes Professional.
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