Robert Kownurko

Track D: Wet & Wild World of Water & Energy
Wed/PM 3:30 PM - 4:00 PM
Engineering Development Manager
United States
Chilled and Hot Water Pumping Systems

Many chilled and hot water central plants that have had loads added to the central plant over time do not have a consistent overall pumping system. Usually pumps are added to assure the proper flow to the new equipment but does not consider existing loads. This leads to improper water distribution throughout the buildings, which leads to additional energy usage and comfort issues.
This session will discuss three to four case studies of these systems and the issues and the final energy savings that is acquired from these changes. the many humidity issues that I have encountered over my years in different climates around the United States and the varied solutions that have been implemented, keeping a focus on energy and implementation costs.
For energy engineers and designers, this session will focus on cost effective ways to solve piping and pumping issues with chilled and hot water central plants.

Robert F Kownurko, PE, C.E.M., B.E.M.P.
Engineering Development Manager
CM3 Building Solutions, Inc.
Robert Kownurko leads the development and implementation efforts within the performance contracting group at CM3 in Fort Washington Pennsylvania. Robert has spent over 39 years in the performance contracting and controls industry. Robert is involved in trouble shooting problems that arise from control sequence issues and equipment installed improperly all over the county. Robert is a licensed professional engineer and has been involved in all design aspects of projects. Robert has worked in the HealthCare, University, K-12, commercial, and Industrial markets, and has worked on over 400 million dollars in projects. Robert has worked all over the country and has been licensed in 15 different states. Robert has also been involved in energy modeling for over 30 years.

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