Rice Lummis

Track G: Energy/Carbon Management in an Industrial Setting
Thu/AM 9:30 AM - 10:00 AM
Director, Demand Response & Asset Management
David Energy
United States
Power to the People: Unleashing Latent Power Capacity at our Homes & Businessesv

The age of the industrial internet-of-things is officially upon us. With each passing day more web-connected devices that consume or produce electric power are brought on-line in this country and around the world. Industry practitioners find themselves at this awesome place where advancements in technology and developments in energy markets intersect to present asset owners with economic opportunities once reserved for academic papers and TED Talks. In this presentation we'll explore ways to monetize existing assets like building management systems, back-up generators, EV charging infrastructure, battery storage systems, and more with off-the-shelf software that's integrated directly with regional power grids via API. Participants should expect to dive deep on concepts like demand response, peak-shaving, and energy market arbitrage summarized with a real-world case study from New York City.

Rice Lummis joined the team at David Energy in April 2022 as Director of Demand Response & Asset Management. His job is to maximize the economic value of customer-owned assets and devices located behind-the-meter in both wholesale and retail power markets. His 14-year career in the electricity industry includes stints at MP2 Energy (acquired by Shell in 2017), APX (acquired by Xpansiv in 2022), Pacific Gas & Electric and (most recently) at broker-consultant “5”. He has a BBA from the University of Denver and a MBA from the University of California, Davis. He lives in Houston with a wife and puppy.

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