Pradheep Kileti

Track B: Decarbonization of the Urban Environment
Wed/PM 3:00 PM - 3:30 PM
Director, Future of Heat and R&D Prog. Mgmt.
National Grid PLC
United States
Decarbonization of the Urban Environment

Urban areas make up for only 3% of the entire land area but are home to more than 80% of the population. Due to the significant need for energy, urban areas also emit substantial emissions. Decarbonization of urban environment needs a multitude of solutions working in sync to safely, reliable, affordably, and sustainable cater to growing needs.
Some of the primary objectives for decarbonization includes energy efficiency, renewable energy, technological innovation, and storage. It is pivotal to utilize existing infrastructure that delivers energy through molecules and electrons. While most of the energy delivered today is driven by fossil fuels, there is an accelerated need to fundamentally shift towards sustainable energy sources like wind, solar, hydro, geothermal, renewable natural gas, and hydrogen. Driving down life cycle emissions through displacement of fossil fuels utilizing existing assets will not only accelerate the transition but also keeps the transition affordable. This presentation discusses different pathways to decarbonize energy systems sustainable through integrated planning.

Pradheep Kileti is the Director of Future of Heat Asset Engineering and R&D Program Management for National Grid’s gas business in US. His primary areas of focus are renewable natural gas, hydrogen blending, district heating systems and investing in strategic R&D priorities pertaining to underground assets.
Pradheep is actively leading various projects involving decarbonizing one of the hardest sectors, building heating. Apart from Hydrogen Blending project, he is also working in biomethane/renewable natural gas. He is actively involved in research applications of decarbonized gas and envisions an economic pathway to reduce emissions and personally committed to negate climate change in one of the core needs, energy utilities that people rely on their everyday needs. His work will result in meeting our nation’s ambitious climate goals through prudent commercialization of low carbon energy delivery technologies.
Pradheep has a Bachelor of Engineering in Civil Engineering and holds a Master of Business Administration from Hofstra University and a corporate innovation certification from Stanford University. He is a registered Professional Engineer in the State of Connecticut.

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