Peter Garforth

Track F: Creating High Performance Communities
Wed/PM 4:00 PM - 4:30 PM
Garforth International llc
United States
Town of Newmarket – Retrofitting Existing Homes & Buildings – Building a Path to Succeed When so Many Fail

Well over 700 US and Canadian cities have climate action plan that call for comprehensive energy efficiency retrofit of most of their homes and buildings in the next 10 to 20 years. Few if any are delivering retrofits at a rate that will come anywhere close to meeting their own targets. The Town of Newmarket is embracing the challenge of ramping up the speed and scale of retrofitting the community’s homes and buildings. The presentation will describe the innovative approach to restructure the retrofit supply chain to create clear benefits for the town’s homeowners, contractors, economic development and, of course, climate mitigation goals.

Peter Garforth leads a specialist consultancy based in Toledo, Ohio, and Brussels, Belgium. He is also a founding board member of an affiliate consultancy in Guelph, Ontario. He advises major companies, cities, communities, property developers and policy makers on developing competitive approaches that reduce the economic and environmental impact of energy use. His specialty has been in profitable business development implementing energy productivity. He effectively strives to ensure that any recommended investment approach has a sound business basis and reflects the larger movements in the energy market. Peter is well connected in the energy productivity business and regulatory community around the world. Because of his reputation in the energy community, Peter is often asked to provide quotes and interviews as an expert advisor on the topic. He is also a published author and currently contributes a monthly column to Plant Services magazine as the “Energy Expert”.

Peter has long been interested in energy productivity as a profitable business opportunity and has a considerable track record establishing successful businesses and programs in the United States, Western and Eastern Europe, Indonesia, India, Brazil, China, Japan and elsewhere. He has held senior management roles around the world at Honeywell, Landis & Gyr (now Siemens) and, most recently was Vice-President of Strategy for Owens Corning, the largest U.S. manufacturer of insulation and other materials.

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