Paul Graves

Track C: Commissioning
Wed/PM 2:30 PM - 3:00 PM
Senior Energy Management Consultant
Jacobs Engineering, Strategic Consulting, Energy Solutions
United States
Unique Cx and RCx Programs Produce Significant Savings

This presentation concentrates on numerous opportunities to significantly reduce energy and utility costs using a combination of commissioning (Cx) and retro-commissioning (RCx). The background for this particular project provides a great example of how a project development group collaborated with a facilities management group to work towards the development of a building that met existing building portfolio operational requirements. Five separate business groups came together to produce synergistic opportunities that were greater than any of the solutions developed individually. The projects discussed may be of special interest to any building owner, manager, operations team, and/or building professionals with rooftop units with natural gas heat supplying a VAV system with electric reheat.

Paul has spent his career developing progressive and comprehensive energy management projects and programs. Experience has ranged from designing and installing building management systems to full building commissioning services to performance contracting. All services have been focused on making new and existing buildings work better with reduced operating costs.

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