Nicolas Bossé

Track F: Smart Cities: Creating Critical City Scale Infrastructure
Thu/AM 9:30 AM - 10:00 AM
Chief Energy Transition Officer
BrainBox AI
Using Artificial Intelligence to Optimize the Energy Performance of Large Numbers of Buildings

learn, gather, teach, socialize, and more. It is often unperceived that buildings are one of the world's largest energy hogs, accounting for a third of global energy consumption and about 40% of total GHG emissions. With the climate crisis reaching a critical turning point, time is a luxury we no longer have. The time has come to tackle climate change at the city level and energy efficiency of utility grids.
HVAC systems represent 45% of commercial buildings' energy consumption, of which 30% is usually wasted. While implementing AI solutions at the building level is a huge stride in the right direction, AI-powered buildings can be leveraged to generate, larger, more system-wide impacts. The next big application of AI in real estate is combining the power of individual buildings into a group and using artificial intelligence to manage demand response.

What if we leveraged the power of AI at the city-level energy peaks and better distribute energy across buildings. This session will explain why this is the future of demand response and how energy engineers can prepare for it.

Bio Nicolas Bossé is the Chief Energy Transition Officer with BrainBox AI. With over 20 years of expertise in the energy sector, Bossé is leading the expansion and positioning of the company’s innovative AI offering for the fast-changing global energy markets. Given the size and scope of the real estate asset class, energy management of buildings represents one of the largest opportunities to contribute to our energy transition challenge and our overall decarbonization goals.

Prior to joining Montreal-based BrainBox AI, Bossé served as Senior Vice-President, Strategy & Growth Initiatives at Brookfield Renewable and held roles at Hydro-Québec. Throughout these years, he has developed a deep understanding of global competitive energy market dynamics and regulatory frameworks, as well as extensive experience in creating value through innovative transaction structures in the renewable energy sector.

Ahead of joining BrainBox AI, Nicolas was the Senior Vice President of Strategy and Growth Initiatives at Brookfield Renewable. He built and led a team of professionals who covered the North American wholesale energy market design along with the states, provincial, and federal energy policies. Nicolas studied economics and holds a BA from the Université Laval and a masters from the Université du Québec à Montréal.

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