Mohsen Alamooti

Track B: Energy Management
Thu/AM 9:00 AM - 9:30 AM
Engineering Design & Consulting Manager
Iranian Fartak Research and Innovation Co. affiliated to Middle East Mines & Mineral Industries Development Holding Company
Iran (Islamic Republic Of)
Effective Energy Management in Coal Mining: Paving the Way Toward Energy Sustainability

Coal mining efficiency depends on increasing output while reducing energy use throughout the mining process. The industry is under significant pressure to define and design widespread approaches toward effective and efficient energy management, given the need to maximize output while preserving all traditional energy sources and playing a pivotal role in environmental protection. In every corporate setting, it is essential to have a well-defined plan for controlling costs. There are several methods through which energy costs might be reduced by enhancing energy efficiency. At its foundation, energy management is the act of gaining knowledge on how to use energy more efficiently and cut down on energy expenditures by making more intelligent decisions about where and how to get that energy. This study examines the importance of energy management, different ways in which energy may be conserved, and the part that all those in charge of the mining sector play in ensuring that energy is managed correctly. Results from this study demonstrate the energy-saving measures used at the Coke Refinery Plant of Zarand Iranian Steel Company (ZISCO) in Iran and the favorable effects these measures have had.

I am an analytical and goal-oriented, with a bachelor’s degree in Chemical Engineering Sciences with an emphasis on Chemical Processes. A motivated young professional with an aptitude for innovation and creative problem solving who is experienced as PMO Head in Mining & Steel Making and as Project Manager in Oil and Gas with more than ten years of experience. My main activities focus on resource management, program and portfolio management, human creativity, and performance.

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