Miles Smith

Track B: Utility and Electric Rates
Thu/AM 9:00 AM - 9:30 AM
Sr. Energy Project Manager
CBRE @ Northern VA Community College
United States
Rate Comprehension for Projects and Savings

Most large commercial and industrial electricity rates are deliberately complex. Many consultants and energy product sales professionals lack the knowledge or motivation to fully dissect rates and accurately calculate marginal kW, kWh, power factor, and other costs that accrue from generation, transmission, LDC costs, surcharges, timing factors and other cost components. This results in projected paybacks that diverge from reality, often drastically and to the detriment and embarrassment of the energy manager. Are you or your contractors using blended rates? With refreshed material for World Energy 2022, the speaker will present pertinent examples that demonstrate how blended rates can lead the energy manager into financial traps and missteps. He will reveal how proper rate disaggregation can elevate the energy manager to a position of knowledge and control with regard to utility savings and positive energy project outcomes.

Miles D. Smith is a CBRE Senior Construction Project Manager and embedded as the Senior Energy Project Manager at Northern Virginia Community College, one of the largest community colleges in the United States. He develops and implements HVAC, controls, Analytics, lighting, generator, thermal storage, metering, demand response and other energy and cost savings projects and programs across six campuses, 50 buildings and 2.1 million square feet of floor space. Mr. Smith has over three decades of utility design, project management, and energy management experience. He holds degrees in Electronics, Management Information Systems and he developed and taught the US Army's Energy Manager Training Program.

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