Michael Stowe

Track D: Industrial Energy Management
Fri/AM 9:30 AM - 10:00 AM
Senior Energy Engineer
Advanced Energy
United States
Decarbonization through Industrial Process Efficiency

Many industrial processes, especially heating, currently use fossil fuels for the heating source. Combustion of these fossil fuels on an industrial site are considered Scope 1 carbon emissions. Typically, these combustion processes are for boilers, ovens, water heating, drying, curing, etc. This presentation will focus on these carbon producing heating processes and provide methods to optimize the efficiency of these processes and thereby reduce the carbon emission intensity of these processes. This presentation will also address maintenance practices for combustion process equipment and how this can also improve efficiency and reduce carbon emissions. Case studies of implementation of key improvements and maintenance best practices will also be addressed.

Michael Stowe is a senior energy engineer with Advanced Energy in Raleigh, North Carolina, specializing in industrial process energy efficiency and strategic energy management (SEM). He has over 30 years of involvement in manufacturing plants and energy efficiency work, including roles as a maintenance manager, facility/plant engineer and energy engineer. Mike has extensive experience with many industrial processes and all types of plant facility support systems.
Mike works with utilities, industrial equipment vendors, and manufacturing plant teams to find the best technical and most energy efficient solutions for industrial processes. He has earned numerous credentials and certifications and is a nationally recognized subject matter expert on ISO 50001 and SEM. He serves on several industrial process trade association and ISO 50001-related boards and committees.
Mike has developed and delivered numerous trainings and has led national cohorts for SEM and ISO 50001 for utilities, industrial trade associations, federal agencies, energy end users, and technical groups.
In August 2021, Mike received the 2021 Champions of Energy Efficiency in Industry award from the American Council for an Energy-Efficient Economy (ACEEE).
Georgia Tech, Mechanical Engineer, 1982
US Navy, Nuclear Power School and Submarine Officer Training, 1983

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