Michael Estes

Track L: Healthy Indoor Air Quality
Fri/AM 10:30 AM - 11:00 AM
Vice President, Business Development
United States
AHU Coil & Tube Restoration: Driving Improved IAQ and Energy Savings Through Innovation

In this presentation, Michael Estes, VP of Business Development at AQUIS, will discuss and educate attendees about the harmful effects of biofilms on the indoor environment. More specifically, Mike will discuss how the interior of air handling units (AHU) are major sources of microbial growth such as fungi, bacteria, and viruses, and how cooling coils, condensate drain pans and fiberglass insulation are primary amplification sites for microbial growth.

Four key learning objectives from this learning session will be as follows:
1. What are biofilms, and why are they so dangerous to the indoor environment?
2. How AHUs, specifically cooling coils, are amplification sites for harmful microbial growth, like biofilms.
3. How Coil and Tube Restoration eliminates biofilms while improving coil efficiency, mitigates IAQ issues, and provides compelling opportunities for energy savings.
4. How taking a holistic approach to AHU remediation through refurbishment, coil and tube restoration, and confirmation ATP testing is the best approach to restoring hygienic conditions to building AHUs.

Michael Estes is Vice President of Business Development for AQUIS and has been with the company since 2017. Michael has over 18 years’ experience in both sales and sales territory development, initially starting his AQUIS career as a Sales Director for the MidAtlantic region. His sales background includes sales of building materials, Industrial MRO supplies and mechanical fabrication equipment. He also has several years’ experience managing and negotiating service contracts, master service agreements and GPOs.

Michael grew up in the Washington DC Metro area and studied Business Finance at Towson University. He is married and lives Maryland with his wife daughter and three boys.

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