Matthew Cable

Track K: New Technologies
Wed/PM 4:00 PM - 4:30 PM
Supervisor Technology Department
Real Time Grid Integration of Smart HVAC Control

Smart controls for duel fuel HVAC systems is proving to be one of the best ways to reduce GHG's, save energy, and provide "energy cost resilience" in colder climates. Our group has tested several hybrid heating solutions with smart fuel switching controls. These systems include integration of PV, battery storage, EV charging, micro combined heat and power and fully adaptable heating and cooling control systems that utilize homeowner input to operate the HVAC system in a way that can minimize GHG emissions, minimize energy usage, or minimize energy cost. The control systems we're studying have the potential to use instantaneous information from PV generation power, battery power levels, outdoor temperatures, equipment performances, real time utility costs and real time grid emissions factors as variables in the control algorithms.

Our presentation will review some of the pilot research studies that we are doing to understand performance of these systems, results from these pilots that have been completed and are ongoing, and some of the lessons learned from these sophisticated yet effective systems. From an energy utility perspective, we can discuss how this may impact grid and energy distribution.

In the Technology and Development group at Enbridge Gas Inc, Matt leads a group with a mandate to develop new technologies, innovations and energy solutions that will help the company better serve its customers and contribute to Ontario's climate change goals.

Matt uses his skills with energy modeling, measurement and verification, thermal scanning and building performance management to guide teams to low-energy solutions. He has a unique ability to explain complex technical concepts to design teams and facilitate the optimization of new and existing buildings.

Previous to Enbridge - Matt was a Sustainability Consultant at several integrated design firms, collaborating with architects and engineers to make some of Canada's greenest projects. He has a bachelor and master's degree in mechanical engineering from Queen's University.

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