Matt Schaubroeck

Track L: Healthy Indoor Air Quality
Fri/AM 10:00 AM - 10:30 AM
Quickly Collecting Data in Aging Buildings to Identify Ventilation and Other Performance Gaps

COVID-19 has placed greater emphasis on increasing ventilation rates to protect the health and safety of building occupants. ASHRAE guidelines have identified minimum ventilation requirements to decrease transmission risk, which can be supplemented by increasing natural external ventilation flow. However, during periods of extreme temperature conditions it becomes increasingly difficult to incorporate natural ventilation, which then requires heavier reliance on a building’s mechanical system. Without access to data to understand minimum acceptable ventilation requirements in each room, building managers are often forced to turn up their building systems to maximum capacity - overburdening air handling systems, consuming more power than necessary, and leading to a higher risk of infrastructure failure.

This stress on a building’s infrastructure and energy consumption levels is particularly prevalent in buildings with aging mechanical systems that are no longer able to run at full capacity. In these buildings, a data-backed balance must be identified that both protects occupants from the risk of airborne disease transmission, while also ensuring the building’s environment can function sustainably in extreme temperature conditions and minimize inefficient energy consumption. This presentation focuses on how to quickly and effectively collect the data required to find that balance in the buildings that need it most.

Matt Schaubroeck is CEO of ioAirFlow, a data intelligence company focused on identifying gaps in a commercial building's air quality, energy efficiency and system performance. Matt completed a MBA from the Asper School of Business, and has been developing ioAirFlow since 2018, working with a multi-disciplinary team of mechanical engineers, data analysts and environmental scientists to develop the company's data-driven analysis.

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