Mark Carlson

Track L: Healthy & Efficient Buildings
Thu/AM 9:00 AM - 11:00 AM
Director of Engineering and Energy Services
United States
Cutting Edge Window Film Technology and Energy Modeling

Energy efficiency in is in dire need of innovative solutions. Our industry has reduced consumption, demand, and greenhouse gas emissions for decades. If you’ve been in this industry for some time now, you might be asking what to do next?

Solar control and low emissivity window film can be the next best technology for your building whether you are in a heating or cooling dominated climate. You should come learn about newer window film technologies.

A finalist in the GSA’s Green Proving Ground, NGS and 3M are currently undergoing field validation by DOE as a proven solution in government and commercial buildings. “Traditional windows are poor energy performers,” states US DOE Secretary Granholm. “There is a growing need for improved window products.”

Join this session to learn how you can:

• Improve building efficiency
• Reduce greenhouse gas emissions
• Characterize existing glass properly
• Model a whole building’s improvement
• Perform IMPVP M&V

Mr. Carlson is an experienced advocate bringing an accurate understanding how window film can improve energy efficiency, sustainability, and resilience. With a Master’s degree in Chemical Engineering from the University of Notre Dame and over 20 years in applied window film technology, Mr. Carlson’s experience and expertise have made him the industry-leading expert.

Mr. Carlson is currently the Director of Engineering and Energy Services for the largest nationally licensed window film contractor in North America, NGS.

Consistently the top Commercial Window Film Contractor in North America, NGS has national installation infrastructure, in-house engineering and energy services, GSA schedule, Tribal 8(a), SDVOB, SDB, and HUBZone Capabilities.

If you are looking for glazing industry thought-leadership, Mr. Carlson and NGS can help you navigate the effect of window film on energy efficiency, sustainability, and resilience. He is eager to share his knowledge and experience to help benefit your company and your clients.

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