Marcus Martin

Track A: CHP
Wed/PM 2:30 PM - 3:00 PM
Martin Energy Group
United States
Decentralized CHP in Puerto Rico

Martin Energy Group successfully designed, installed, and operates two CHP projects for bottling plants in Cayey (6MW) and Cidra (8MW) Puerto Rico. Coupled with energy storage systems, these microgrids provide clean and reliable power that is hardened against natural disasters which have taken down Puerto Rico’s grid in the past. To further improve the system’s overall efficiency thermal energy is recovered in the form of hot water, chilled water, and steam. In the event of natural disasters or utility outages, manufacturing will continue to run in order to provide drinking water to the island.

Experienced with CHP, Gas and Diesel fired engine/generator systems for over 25 years, Mr. Martin heads a company that has a legacy in on-site power generation. Martin has over 600 power plants running from Canada to Australia.

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