Manish Murudkar

Track J: Energy Storage
Wed/PM 3:30 PM - 4:00 PM
Director, DER Strategy
Cobb EMC
United States
How Electric Cooperative is Preparing for the Grid of the Future?

Cobb EMC has been preparing for the grid of the future through the development of innovative technologies. In 2020, Cobb EMC completed a DER project that consisted of the rooftop solar, solar canopy, solar Smartflower, and a battery energy storage system – all on its campus. In addition, Cobb EMC is nearing the completion of its campus microgrid project consisting of solar, storage, and a NG generator that can power the campus for longer periods during major outage events. The author will share the technical challenges and best practices for the implementation of the solar plus storage and microgrid project. The author will also briefly present the energy efficiency opportunities and their plans for promoting the adoption of electric vehicles in their service territory.

Manish Murudkar is the Director of DER Strategy at Cobb EMC. He has been with Cobb EMC for more than 23 years. Manish and his team are responsible for leading energy auditing, energy efficiency, demand response, and DER strategy in promoting renewables, battery storage, microgrid, and electric vehicle technologies.

In his prior role, Manish managed Cobb EMC’s distribution system planning, design, protection, and electric operations. Manish started his career at Cobb EMC by leading the implementation and management of real-time operational systems such as GIS, OMS, Work Management, and SCADA systems. His current focus is on leading the cooperative in adopting DER-related digital technologies that can improve the reliability and resiliency of the system.

Manish has a bachelor’s degree in Computer and Electrical Engineering and an Executive MBA from Georgia State University. He is also a Certified Energy Manager and a Project Management Professional.

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