Lukas Glaspell

Track G: Decarbonization
Fri/AM 9:00 AM - 9:30 AM
Decarbonization HVAC Advisor
Trane Technologies Canada
The Hottest HVAC Designs for the Coldest Climates: Decarbonizing Through Ultra High Efficiency Electrification

A critical key to Decarbonization and Net Zero buildings is the electrification of heating. Today, especially in cold climates, building heating is normally supplied by high greenhouse gas emitting fossil fuels. With the greening of electrical grids around the world we can decarbonize at the building level.

In commercial applications, heating can be supplied with new highly efficient large electric heat pump units to replace hot water boilers and gas fired packaged units. By extracting heat from the outside air and supplying it into the building as comfort heating or domestic hot water, efficiencies as much as 5x that of fossil fuel equipment can be achieved. Efficiencies can be further increased by matching large heat pumps with geothermal, wastewater energy transfer, or deep lake water heat exchange. During summer months, the heat pump solution is used for high efficiency cooling; reducing project capital, maintenance and operational costs.

When looking at the next generation of building heating, we need to consider energy efficiency, carbon emissions, resiliency, maintenance, capital cost, and operational cost. The presentation will review these constraints through Canadian cold climate case studies and examples of highly efficient Heating electrification (HEHE) for commercial comfort heating and domestic hot water applications.

Lukas is an account executive with the Trane Toronto team, holds a Bachelor of Applied Science with specialization in Environmental Engineering from Queen’s University, and is an active member of ASHRAE. Lukas works closely with clients to achieve their sustainability and energy goals by leveraging their BAS and upgrading equipment or optimizing HVAC performance. Specializing in electrification of heating and building environment optimization with smart building automation solutions, Lukas supports clients to create and design HVAC solutions and follows them through manufacturing, installation, and optimal operation. Lukas actively empowers others to take a step back and consider the holistic picture in every project. Lukas supports clients in Canada to achieve their sustainability goals with lasting results.
In his free time, Lukas hits the backcountry; canoeing and hiking in the summer, and cross country skiing in the winter.

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